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The PP government rectifies and cancels skyscraper building plan in Marbella

Skyscrapers will not define the profile of Marbella. An urgent goverment session, yesterday unanimously approved to put aside the specific modification of the General Urban Plan (Plan) in late November that gave the green light to build towers of up to 50 floors in different municipalities. The measure then went ahead only with the votes of the PP and garnered the unanimous rejection of the opposition groups and various social organizations. The pressure of public opinion has been key to the team of local government tot rectify and discard the project.

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The change to the development plan authorizing towers between 20 and 50 floors in five areas of the city (the height was 150 meters above sea level). There was talk of a new “singular height” equipment type and the mayor, Angeles Muñoz, claimed that they were of “limited and controlled” to be implemented with a “modern and iconic” design. The opposition groups immediately berated that there had not been a social debate and wielded as a main argument against the prevailing model in Marbella, characterized by low-rise construction and that urbanism was going to be dictated by f private interests.

The meeting was held yesterday at the request of PSOE , IU and the “Opción Sampedreña “ . The mayor settled the debate over skyscrapers in late December , ruling out the idea behind the many voices who stood against the buildings. “It will not happen . We did not intend to impose any building model in the city, ” Muñoz said. The opposition , however , opted for an urgent session to override the General Plan amendment and promoted its call in order to unconditionally shelves the plan . The controversial proposal has already been terminated .

In this case there was consensus but not in the other two sections was included in the agenda. The opposition had requested the attendance of the mayor to explain the reasons which had supported the change in the General Plan , but his speech was rejected by the local government . It was the city spokesman , Felix Romero, in charge of representing their group throughout the city and at various times wanted to make clear that the City has not ever approved a project to build a skyscraper.

Neither came forward the request that from now on , the “structural changes ” that may affect the General Plan urban model requires a qualified majority of two thirds of the Corporation in addition to the approval of the Social Council. The PP justified its refusal that the Junta de Andalucía should have the last word on the structural changes in urban planning .

The platform against the construction of the towers formally asked on Thursday, a day before the plenary meeting, the reversal of thel point . He did it through a letter in which he described as “a terrible mistake ” the proposal to lift up 50 floors buildings in the town , a decision that could ” trigger some unwanted urban processes ” of which other cities and towns have been “victims” and that this should not incur in Marbella . The group headed by the architect Carola Smith has gained in a few weeks the support of 1,200 people through social networks and has collected 2,000 signatures against the initiative. Her intention as mentioned in her last public appearance , is to dissolve the application once the change of the General Plan has been set aside.

Pablo Hohenlohe , a member of the platform, unveiled at that event that members of the Saudi royal family with an important palace in Marbella , were willing to leave the city if the construction of a skyscraper went ahead .

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