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To set out a strategy for growth scientifically for polo in Campo de Gibraltar, Santa Maria Polo Club, through the Santa Maria Polo Foundation, has conducted a study examining the potential for the development of polo and equestrian sports in the Vega del Guadiaro area, and more specifically what direction the growth of this activity could take, while explaining the limitations that might affect it.

This study, having analysed the potential for development and studied the polo and equestrian market around the world, enabled the cut to put forward some important socio-economic benefits for the area and some proposals for action based on a defined model, which has been named the Vega del Guadiaro Equestrian District Model.

The equestrian district is a comprehensive innovative approach to land development based on a land management strategy, with a focus on the sustainable protection and promotion of equestrian activities, supported by the regulations, investments and cooperation required from the public authorities and interested private organisations. The key elements of this model are embodied in 10proposals for action, which can be summarised as:

As a starting point, equestrian sports must be given administrative consideration as appropiate for the character and nature of the natural environment.

On this basis the model proposes establishing the Vega del Guadiaro Equestrian District with specific regulations that recover the traditional models of rural Andalusian architecture (Olive Farms and Estates) adapted to the needs of polo and equestrianism; and which recognise the origins of polo and equine farms as agricultural entities.

In addition to these elements, the model proposes accurate statistical studies of the equine setor, in general, and in particular equestrian sport and its influence in the local tourist industry. An equine Master Plan that that coordinates the whole sector. The consolidation of a general bussines support organisation for the equestrian world.

The creation of schools for equine trades and polo and riding schools that professionalise the activity. The promotion of breeding and trade of horses for polo and equestrianism. And the consolidation of a permanent and positive focus of resources.

By Isabel Álvarez Carmona
La Bocha Polo Magacine

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